CATIA V5 Student Edition

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CATIA V5 Student edition

CATIA® is the world’s engineering and design leading software for product 3D CAD design excellence.It is used to design, simulate, analyze, and manufacture products in a variety of industries including aerospace, automotive, consumer goods, and industrial machinery, just to name a few. It addresses all manufacturing organizations, from OEMs through their supply chains, to small independent producers.

If you stop and take a look around, CATIA is everywhere. CATIA is in the plane that just flew over, the car that just went silently by, the phone you just answered, and the bottle of water that you just finished.


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Why CATIA is important to me?

CATIA is increasingly chosen as the primary 3D design system for many companies, the worldwide demand for CATIA designers is difficult to meet. When you learn to use CATIA you also learn to work with leading-edge technology and play an important role in innovation. You get to put your imagination to work at full-speed because with CATIA there are no boundaries.

Once you know how to use CATIA, you are equipped with the most versatile design tool that’s applied in a multitude of industries. You will know how to design from scratch or reuse the working knowledge available from previous designs.

Position yourself for the employment you want.

What Do I Get?

The CATIA V5 Student Edition gives you all the power you need to engineer your world in 3D.

CATIA V5 guide

CATIA V5 Installation guide

pdf 1.92 MB

This guide aims to help students order and install CATIA Student Edition.
It also references the most common issues that can happen.
The guide will be updated (in accordance with the new website) shortly, please accept our apologies for the inconvenience

Conditions of eligibility

The Student Edition is available to students enrolled in an academic institution excluding any direct or indirect industrial, commercial and/or business purposes. Participants enrolled in professional training programs are not eligible.
Expected order completion time: 1 to 5 business days.

Please order the same version as the one used in the classroom.

Support (paid orders only)

CATIA Student Edition support is limited to the purchasing and installation phases. . Note that CATIA Student Edition support is exclusively made through a dedicated online community (There is no email or phone support)

3DSwym support community


System requirements

This page lists CATIA V5 Workstation configurations certified by Dassault Systèmes. Below you can find the software compatibility list.

Important notice: CATIA V5 will not work on a virtual machine.

Windows 7
Windows 8
(8.1 certified)
Please note that Windows 10 is not yet supported by CATIA Student. You might encounter technical issues during the installation process. 
What's next?
CATIA V5 Basics

CATIA V5 Basics

Teacher, Student

Video - 0 hours

This short tutorial will teach you how to open files and how to manipulate the viewpoint with the mouse.

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