V6 for Academia

Train your students to innovate in dispersed, connected teams, since this is the challenge they’ll be facing in the global economy. Turn ‘chatting’ into product-centered conversations. Enable social learning. Coordinate students’ and educators’ access to team projects from a partnering institution. Work and interact globally with students and peers from any connected place.

Software Packages

3D Modeling Applications. Dassault Systèmes provides academia with the same 3D modeling applications that have transformed industry practices – from Digital Mockups to Product Lifecycle Management (PLM). These resources offer a broad range of design possibilities and enhance graduates' employabilty  by giving them realistic industrial experience and up-to-date skills.

Social and Collaborative Applications. Collaborative and social media tools are part of today’s innovation process. Working together across dispersed, connected teams requires dedicated software: V6 for Academia offers it.

Content and Simulation Applications. Connecting the real and virtual world requires scientific simulation but also virtual environments with new levels of 3D portability and ease of production. From interactive 3D course material to sophisticated physics simulation tools, we offer a range of applications for all educational and research situations.

Information Intelligence Applications. Because innovation generates an ocean of data, strategic tools are now available to educators to enable their students to harness and understand masses of private and public online data.

V6 for Academia

A rich, inter-disciplinary platform: PLM ”Discover”

  • Inter-disciplinary learning environment, combining broad subsets of all Dassault Systèmes PLM software
  • Designed to enable collaboration, design in context, work package-based engineering and many other industry required practices
  • Ubiquitous home working and student contribution traceability with robust control tools

On-demand specializations: “Master and Advance”

Addressing all levels and specialized skill categories expected by employers, the V6 Master and Advance packages extend PLM Discover in selected application fields and open up additional perspectives for educational innovation, including the capability to design your own PLM application and share it with students as a living representation of educator’s suggested best practices.