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Now you can have your own personal finite element analysis tool to use on or away from campus. Abaqus Student Edition is ideal for those using Abaqus as part of their coursework as well as for anyone wishing to become more proficient with Abaqus.

All Students, Researchers, and Educators with a DS Passport associated with an academic institution are eligible for immediate download and access to tutorials and courseware... free of charge!

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Apply for a 3DS Academy account. Only students and educators have access to online tutorials including "Introduction to Abaqus" course notes.

Last Courseware

Abaqus/CAE: vibration analysis of a 3-D Beam structure


This tutorial, created by Hormoz Zareh (Portland State University), will teach you how to (a) sketch the three-dimensional frame, (b) define the material properties and section properties of the frame, (c) define Beam section orientations, (e) assemble the model, (f) configure the analysis procedure and output requests, (g) apply modal analysis boundary conditions to the frame, (h) mesh the frame, (i) create a job and submit it for analysis, and (j) view the results of the analysis.

Getting Started with Abaqus - I) Create a Profile


This video of the 'Getting Started' series talks about profile creation, although the process isn't actually performed as part of the Barbell Stand Example. To see a demonstration of how to create a profile and assign it to a beam section please watch the Beam Frame tutorial.

Getting Started with Abaqus - H) Create a Section


This video of the 'Getting Started' series demonstrates how to create a section, associate it with a material, and assign it to a part using the Barbell Stand Example.

Introduction to Abaqus for CATIA V5


This course teaches you how perform analyses of the parts and assemblies using Abaqus for CATIA. You will be taught to work with nonlinear analysis tools. You will become familier with the Structural Analysis workbech and Thermal Analysis workbench. You will also become familier with Explicit Dynamic Analysis.