3DVIA Empowers Students to Design and Share 3D Models as Part of the Mobi3 Competition Program

Five multi-national companies (Dassault Systemes, DLA Piper, IBM, Nokia and SFR) as well as two nonprofit organizations (IMS - Entreprendre pour la Cité and the European Engage Network) and the French Ministry of Education launched the second edition of the Mobi3 year-long program.

2009 Edition

This year's goal was to help 120 middle school students from economically disadvantaged neighborhoods in Paris. Through the program, the students participated in a hands-on team project to discover the product design and development process of a mobile phone.

The Mobi3 program highlights the complementary role that each partner company plays in the mobile phone's lifecycle, from design to sales and recycling. DS provides insight into 3D design, Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) and how industrial processes are simulated. Students also got a feel for what it is like to work as a 3D design engineer.

In May 2009, the finalist team from each school presented their project to a jury of professionals from participating companies, who then designated 4 students of the Collège Ariane de Guyancourt as the winning team. They visited the Nokia Design Lab in London.

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